The excitement of MIRA Racing is returning to Sault Ste. Marie. It is slated to play host to a major international snowmobile race this winter.

The Rivercity Motorsports 250 is scheduled for March 1-2 at Runway Park 573 Airport Rd, Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

This event will mark the final points competition for the Midwest International Racing Association (M.I.R.A.) and is expected to be the circuit’s biggest race of the season.

The Rivercity Motorsports 250 is set to feature 32 pro-enduro race teams from across Canada and the United States – many of the same names that compete at the annual I-500 in the Michigan Sault.

They’ll be joined by more than 60 other teams that will contend in the Sportsmen 600, Modified 600 and Kid’s 120 classes. A number of local racers are also expected to compete. Including Team Rivercity Motorsports #150, Team Naithen Joseph Racing #01, Ryan McCaig Racing #54 and Superior North Racing #38.

About M.I.R.A. Racing (Midwest International Racing Association)

M.I.R.A. started in 1979. They began as a snowmobile enduro racing circuit with race events throughout the Midwest and Michigan. When it started, the races were “true” enduros, meaning that the “TC 250” was actually 250 miles, or 500 laps on the half mile track. As time progressed, M.I.R.A. added a sprint racing format to accommodate racers that didn’t want to race the long distances. In that time the enduros were shortened to 250-500 lap events to make room for the sprint racing. M.I.R.A. is a not-for-profit, member owned, and ISR certified company.

Runway Park Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario last hosted a M.I.R.A. event in 2006, and we are very excited to welcome these racers back to our area. This International event is sure to draw attention once again, bringing business opportunities to this side of the border. We expect to have great community support and provide 2 days of action packed family entertainment with racing, ice skating, live music and a beer gardens.